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Your elite author Graphic Optimization reward is ready!

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Dec 14, 2017, 5:17 AM
Steven Smith
From: [email protected]

Hi Coderthemes!

Clicking ‘Order Service’ on the right-hand side of the above page will present you with an order page. This service has the following Briefing Guidelines that will need to be filled before placing your order:

  1. Your design preferences (Color, style, shapes, Fonts, others)
  2. Tell me, why is your item different?
  3. Do you want to bring up a specific feature of your item? If yes, please tell me
  4. Do you have any preference or specific thing you would like to change or improve on your item page?
  5. Do you want to include your item's or your provider's logo on the page? if yes, please send it to me in vector format (Ai or EPS)
  6. Please provide me with the copy or text to display

Filling in this form with the above information will ensure that they will be able to start work quickly.

You can complete your order by putting your coupon code into the Promotional code box and clicking ‘Apply Coupon’.

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